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Jared Beasley: 864.556.9387

Jared Beasley Sport Horses provides an uparalled care for all equine athletes. Our stalls are cleaned twice daily and bedded with local sourced fresh pine shavings, grain sourced from a family owned and operated company that is based and sources all ingredents from the USA. The provided suppliments are from DAC Vitamins and Minerals in Dover, Ohio.

  • Customized Feed Program
    • Grain- Twice daily
    • High-quality Timothy Orchard Mix 
    •  DAC Bloom
    • Dac Oil 
    • Alfalfa Hay/pelets (proveded for additional cost per month)
    • Additional suppliment can be provided by owner, or purchased throught Jared Beasley Sport Horses- DAC Dealer/Retailer
  • Stall cleaned twice daily 7 days a week.
  • Private turn out (weather permitting).
    • Day/evening turn out depending on the season.
  • Blanketing according to weather and JBS Blanketing Protocol (client provides blankets)
    • Sheet (NO fill)
    • Medium weight blanket 
    • Hood/Neck Cover (detachable perfered)
  • Medical care for minor wounds 
  • Emergency Veterinary Care intiated until Veterinarian arrives.
    • Owner to be notified imedantly of critical situation, Veterianry Services at owners expense
    • Waiver to be signed by owner
  • Routine Veterinary Care scheduled (Billed to Owner by Veterinarian)
    • Spring/Fall Vaccinations
    • Coggins
    • Teeth Floating
  • 4-6 week scheduled Farrier Servieces no holding fee (Billed separatley from monthly training fees)


Tucker Milling is family owner and operated feed mill located in Alabama. JBS offers 3 different lines of the Tucker Milling Brand from High Perfomance Diet, Senior, and Low Starch/Sugar gains. All hay is sourced from local providers. Additional forage based porducts are added to feednig program in the winter season. 
We do encourage owners to be apart of monitoring their horses body condition, we understand that the definition of "Ideal" body condtion is subjective.

Farm Farrier- Lucas Huff

Lucas is a certified experienced member of The American Farriers Association with 15 years of experience, and he continues to stay up to date on various shoeing techniques and procedures .

Farm Veterinarian- Dr. Kate Veterinary Services LLC

Dr. Kate recieved her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. She is the owner and operator of a full-service mobile veterinary operation and specialzies in equine health, sports medicine, and lameness.


Dr Kate Whitsel or Jeff Klepinger